5 Most Famous Neon Signs In The World

Probably no one can imagine big cities without street neon lights. It is them that make them seem to be teeming with life at night, even when there are few passers-by. Today, traditional neon signs have been replaced in many places by large illuminated billboards and LED screens. It is a massive loss for the aesthetics of the streets – traditional neon lights are considered minor works of art. Which of them, in our subjective opinion, have gone down in history?

1.      Chapel Vault In Madison Square Garden

The illumination of the chapel vault in Madison Square Garden can be considered one of the first neon lights, although its construction differed from what we know today. In 1896, Daniel MacFarlan Moore (an American scientist) placed nitrogen with carbon dioxide in 61-meter-long tubes. The unusual illumination of the chapel’s vault made him famous worldwide. It also inspired other people to create neon lights.

2.      Zig Zag by Sonja Delaunay

The second major project that changed the perception of neon advertising was Zig Zag Sonji Delaunay. The artist did not create her neon sign as a lighting structure, nor was it intended to be an advertisement. From the very beginning, Zig Zag was supposed to be only an artistic work. Neon was created in 1923, and since then, the aesthetics of neon lights has become no less important than their functionality.

3.      “Siatkarka” in Warsaw

Probably every Varsovian who happens to drive through Plac Konstytucji knows the “volleyball player.” For many people, it is one of the symbols of the capital. Neon was created in 1961, and its originator was Jan Mucharski. The neon disappeared from Konstytucji Square for a while as more modern advertisements began to appear in the city. However, it was renovated and returned to its place – where it shines until today. It is worth mentioning that there is a neon museum in Warsaw, where you can see neon signs that were not as lucky as “Siatkarka.”

4.      “Dobre Maniery” At The Płock Culture And Art Center

Another neon sign that we would like to mention is the inscription “good manners,” placed on the building of the Płock Culture and Art Center. Neon was created recently and had two functions. Firstly, it refers to the old style of Grodzka Street, full of colorful neon lights, with a unique, big-city character. Neon is also a tribute to Stefan Themerson, an avant-garde artist from Płock. He is the patron of this center, and the words “good manners” refer to his novels.

5.      Neon Signs In Times Square, New York

When talking about neon lights, it is impossible not to mention the Times Square in New York illuminated by them. Indeed, most of the neon signs have now been replaced by huge billboards, which nevertheless determine the “cult character” of this place. Few people can imagine that they could all suddenly disappear. And yet! It turns out that most of them exceed the permissible sizes of signs that can stand on the American road. The city government, along with the federal government, are constantly wondering how to solve this dilemma legally but without suffering losses to New York.

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