One of the main institutional elements linked to the efficient visual communication of small or large companies is their façade. It fulfills the important role of being the face of the business, attracting the target audience and influencing them positively in decision-making.

In this sense, it is essential to choose signs that can convey the correct message to the customer and stand out among competitors.

Do you want to know about ideal alternatives and their importance for your business? Check out, in this post, some of the main types of signs!

How Important Is A Flashy Sign?

Your store’s sign and façade are nothing more than the physical structure that limits the interior and exterior of the environment. This set forms a very important element, which has the role of clearly showing your customers what kind of store is yours!

When you have a flashy sign that follows the brand concept, this can be a great strategy to encourage the entry of consumers to your store.

Offering good quality products or services with great customer care is paramount. However, these are not the only elements that need to be improved to attract more customers!

A high-quality and eye-catching visual communication is equally essential for your company’s success, as a creative and well-remarked layout, which conveys the brand’s intention from the moment it enters, is a way to promote and highlight your store to new customers. Therefore, it is essential to invest in signs to make your façade signage.

Since there are several types of signs and several advantages, the time has come to choose the right style for your business. Not sure how to choose? So, check out some ideal options for your brand below.

What Are The Ideal Signage Options?

Signs are a constant issue when it comes to communicating with consumers. However, the range of sign types may cast doubt on the best choice for the company.

Knowing this, we have separated the top 5 options. Check out:

·         Galvanized Signs

With a high level of finish, durability and resistance, the galvanized sheet metal letters (embossed, box letter) are used in offices, facades, and receptions, among others.

They can be used in the most diverse applications and combinations, including indirect lighting by LEDs. This type of material is ideal for receiving paint in special tones and gives a consistent, personalized and modern appearance to the façade.

·         Acrylic Signs

The acrylic is a transparent material, light, very durable, high quality and has resistance to hail, rain or sunlight, for example.

With an excellent cost-benefit ratio, the company’s facades, receptions and signage gain a clean and bold touch with the use of this material. It allows application on various surfaces, such as panels, wooden decks, glass or directly on the wall.

·         Stainless Steel Signs

Applied both internally and externally, stainless steel generates a strong visual impact as it is one of the noblest materials, transmitting innovation, dynamism, authority and perfection.

It must be considered that, as it has very high durability, it is unbeatable against bad weather (rain, humidity, sea air, etc.), and because its production requires more special care, the investment here is greater.

·         Mdf Signs

Widely disseminated and used, MDF is a wood-derived, sustainable material that has wide acceptance in several areas and applications, including the production of letters and signs.

Due to its strength and high stability, it is possible to obtain excellent finishes, thus offering an elegant and laid-back look.

Its application is mainly indicated in indoor environments, but it can also be applied in outdoor environments, where it does not suffer direct action from bad weather.

In addition, it is essential to emphasize that this type of material offers excellent cost-benefit. That is, it is the ideal alternative for those on a tight budget and, at the same time, it aims at high quality and modernity.

·         LED Lighting

Façade lighting acts as a decoy and fantastically emphasizes the logo or company name. Like neon, LED lighting offers a high degree of visibility!

All this with the incredible advantage in terms of savings, given that LEDs have the lowest energy consumption. Not to mention that it also has a long lifespan (50,000 hours against only 6,000 hours compared to neon).

Bonus: Learn more sign types

Below are some extra options that can also be your business solution!

·         Capital Letter

Very important for visual communication, capital letters are used widely and can convey an innovative look to your sign!

They can be manufactured in different materials, such as Galvanized, Acrylic, Polished or Brushed Stainless Steel, aluminum and wood. Font sizes are defined according to your usage, as well as their material, color and thickness.

However, when applied in very large sizes, they are called super-letter, as, under these conditions, there may be a certain limitation in their use of materials.

The capital letter is often used, mainly in gas stations, warehouses and supermarkets.


·         Stickers

The signs can be applied in the form of stickers, being a cost-effective option. This option can help keep costs down and, at the same time, increase your range of options.

It is usually applied to windows, initial floors and doors of commercial establishments in order to highlight the main entrance from the environment. They can be made in different sizes and colors, but their thickness doesn’t vary much.

Sticker Signage

Sticker Signage

·         Totems and Standees

This option has been used by humanity since prehistory, having appeared together with primitive man, who used this mechanism in his caves to ask for protection and power from nature.

In a simple way, but powerful in visual communication, the totems are intended to draw attention to visible points on the sign or façade, increasing the public’s curiosity.

In addition, they are an excellent way to identify the store, as they serve as a means of reference for location! They can be made in different types of materials and have numerous forms of application.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that a façade must go beyond being simply a sign.

It is necessary to adopt the philosophy of selling a concept

In this sense, your company’s commercial façade needs to reflect its essence and function as spontaneous marketing of the products or services offered.

Add value by transmitting credibility

Only in this way is it possible to obtain the best results and take off on the market.

Attracting customers, growing sales and strengthening the brand are the benefits of a well-planned sign. Do you agree that every detail in terms of visual communication is vital to the success of your business?

Now that you know the importance and the ideal types of signs for your business, you have in hand the ideal material 0o invest in your visual communication!

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