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About Us


We are SignFreaks, a company with extensive experience in the designing and placement of banners. Our designers know all the tricks to grab customers’ attraction and create a design that brings results.


We create banners that not only hook your customers’ attention but generate successful results too. Our expert designers adapt every design as per the industry needs and create banners that can be used indoors and outdoors.


We start by listening to the client’s wishes to understand their needs and carefully study their project. Then our designers create several options for your consideration that are further improved on your approval.

Product Section

At SignFreaks, we help you leave a mark in the memory of your users with an eye-catching advertising message through the design of banners. We design and create banners that are:

  • One-sided Vinyl banners(13oz)
  • Mesh Banners
  • Double-sided banners(18oz Blackout)
  • Fabric Banners (9.5oz Blackout Wrinesie Free)
  • Vinyl Banners (Backlit)
  • Canvas Roll (15ml – indoor use)

Discover our catalog of banners we design


Enhance the aura of your events and brand’s visibility with the use of event backdrop banners.


Ideal for any event, indoor retractable banners are portable and easy to use.


Outdoor banners are the easiest way to communicate with people without even saying a word.

Event Backdrop Banners

Your Way To Free Publicity.

If you want to attract attention and elicit your audience’s interest in your action, then the backdrop event banner is a fundamental and indispensable piece. No matter what is the type and size of your project, with it, your message will hitch a ride on all photos, from amateur to the most professional clicks and press relations actions.

Our Work for Event Backdrop Banners

At SignFreaks, we work with all backdrop models structures available in the scenography market, including:

  • 8’wX8’h
  • 9’wX8’h
  • 10’wX8’h

Indoor Retractable Banners

Mobile Banners To Fit Every Event

Does your communication go unnoticed? Then the retractable banner is ideal for your event! Its size and structure allow maximum use of the communication space. These are light and portable banners available with the possibility of multiple replacements of graphics.

Your Best Quality Indoor Retractable Banners SignFreaks works to ensure the best quality of products and merchandising services to represent and highlight your brand with excellence. For this reason, we only work with original products – the aluminum structure, double springs quality fabric, and vinyl. With this, our equipment oers quality printing, both for canvas and fabric.

Outdoor Banners

Be Visible And Increase Your Potential Clients With Outdoor Banners.

The outdoor banner is an advertising medium that can be found almost everywhere: on the facades of buildings, in shop windows, indoors, on streets and highways.

Outdoor banners are used for brand promotion, product promotion, as well as a positive reputation among a potential client audience. In addition, the development and creation of outdoor banners for space, shops, supermarkets will make the brand popular among other similar buildings in a large settlement.

Sign freaks

Outdoor Banners we offer

At SignFreaks, we offer several options for your out-door banner choice, including:

  • FrontlitBanners – Frontlit banners are made using the material with sufficient density. These do not shine through either day or night; hence frontal illumination is usually used for it;
  • Backlit Banners – Backlit banners are made using opaque fabric with a transparency of 30%. In these banners, light is gently scattered over the entire surface of the advertising object;
  • Blockout Banners – These are made with material that is not visible at all; hence these can be used for two-sided

Our Advantages


Our team is constantly training and updating techniques and knowledge to offer the best solution to your designs.


We work to bring you the best. All our banners are of high-quality that last for years.


We have years of experience in banner designing, which has led us to develop great flexibility to adapt to any market.


We are committed to improving any budget and offering you the best of products and services