6 Decoration Ideas With Vinyl For Offices

Are you looking for solutions to decorate your office space with trending vinyl for offices? We have compiled six great ideas for you. Know these here! A modern and elegant office is the best way to make a good impression on your clients. Taking care of the furniture, the light, the distribution is important, but the decoration is no less so.

Decorating your walls and windows, reinforcing your brand and your corporate identity can be very simple with vinyl for offices. Custom vinyl offers a totally personalized decorative solution, offering solutions adapted to the client’s budget based on creativity and capturing an appropriate corporate image for the business without the need to make a large outlay to renovate the workspace. In our signage company, SignFreaks, we take care of making all kinds of vinyl to achieve an original decoration for your offices. And here we propose six ideas to update the image of your office.


  • Vinyl With Logos – One of the main images used in vinyl for offices is the company logo. They can be applied on different surfaces, from the glass of the façade to the furniture or the walls.
  • Vinyl With Inspiring Phrases – Motivational phrases are in fashion, both in homes and in companies. Create your own phrases related to your type of company, your sector or the values ​​you want to convey to create a work environment that encourages inspiration and creativity.
  • Clear Self-Adhesive Vinyl –  Clear self-adhesive vinyl or ice is a type of cutting vinyl specially designed to be placed on the glass. It perfectly simulates acid or sandblasted glass at a much lower cost. They are perfect for achieving privacy in offices or for creating dividing screens without subtracting natural light. They can be plain, with patterns or with the corporate identity of the company. If you want a simple and elegant office, this is your best option.
  • Cut Vinyl – One of the great advantages of cutting vinyl is that it can be used outdoors due to its great durability. Also, the color possibilities are huge. With the cut vinyl, you can create the design you want to update the windows of your office in a few minutes.
  • Printed Vinyl – Digital printing on vinyl is the ideal solution for reproducing high-quality images in small or large format. Choose this type of vinyl if you want to decorate your office with photographs of landscapes or scenes that represent the spirit of your business. Printed vinyl can be installed on opaque surfaces such as walls or furniture.
  • Micro-Perforated Vinyl – Micro-perforated vinyl or vinyl for windows is one of the most requested solutions to cover the glass of office facades. One of its great advantages is that it provides privacy since it allows us to see from the inside without being seen from the street. In addition, it lets light pass through the micro-perforations. With micro-perforated vinyl, photographic quality images can be reproduced to personalize offices.

So now, if you want to renew the image and aesthetics of your business, SignFreaks is your labelling and signage company in Chicago. Contact us, and we will show you everything we can do to change the image of your office.