How to take advantage of the outdoor dining rooms, terraces, and garden areas that are full in summer throughout the year? The enclosures for hotels are the solution for three of the problems and advantages associated with these spaces so far are unbeatable: solar protection, ventilation, and protection against rain.

The Best Options For Enclosures For The Hospitality Industry

What options are there in today’s market for outdoor hospitality design? What is the best solution for each business and style of premises? Our experts in enclosure installation for the hospitality industry give us the keys to choosing the right type of enclosure.


Unlike glass enclosures or doors, ceilings allow you to play with spaces, shadows, and perceptions. If you want to achieve a bright environment, fixed ceilings – for more permanent structures – and mobile ceilings – for restaurant terraces in which to modulate the intensity of light – are presented as two good choices.

Does it have to be closed ceilings? No! Suppose the environment is already sheltered by surrounding areas of vegetation or it is a terrace or garden with an exterior wall not attached to the tables. In that case, the enclosure with a slatted roof will be sufficient.

Our innovative modular pergola systems with extruded aluminum slats allow you to rotate the piece to mitigate the light or promote luminosity in the restaurant. The best thing about this enclosure system for hotels is that in the flat position, a watertight enclosure is created that does not allow the passage of rain or wind.

This bioclimatic pergola also adds drainage rails for the rain, which lead the water to the outside, even after opening.

 Glass Enclosures For Hotels

Have you noticed that most restaurants use glass enclosures to distribute the different spaces? This preference for this type of enclosure for hotels has a very simple explanation: visually, they are very attractive; they generate a sensation of light in the interior and add a plus of design and exclusivity to the restaurant’s image.

Among all the glass enclosure models, which one to choose for the restaurant?

If you have a porch-type space, the sliding glass door modality is cheaper and lightens the presentation of the rest of the restaurant building. Thus, if it is a space with rustic inspiration, it will give it a lighter aspect; in modern design restaurants, they marry like a charm.

If the environment you want to limit with the enclosure stands out from the front of the restaurant or it is a terrace that we do not know how to cover, the glass curtain-type enclosures are a perfect choice. In recent years this type of enclosure has been in great demand for gastro bars and hotel franchises that seek a plus in design and image for their interior design.

In those places where there are areas open to viewpoints in nature or views of the city, safety is more important than aesthetics. Our recommendation as an enclosure company in Chicago is to install glass railings. They can be installed easily and do not take away any visibility.

 Sliding Doors And Windows

Do you simply need to integrate the exterior and interior of your premises? Do not think it anymore. Only use the sliding doors and windows to get natural light and a good view to offer your clients.

What finish to choose? If you want to have a fixed area and a mobile one, the ideal enclosure will be folding doors and windows; If you want to open or close a terrace to the outside according to convenience, the traditional sliding doors are a suitable choice for modular structures, while the parallel sliding ones are for façade enclosures.

The enclosures for hotels increase the capacity of dining rooms and outdoor terraces throughout the year with a minimum investment, without carrying out complete renovation work, and providing a modern and functional design to your restaurant.

Now, if you want to install an enclosure at your hotel premises, do not hesitate to contact SignFreaks. SignFreaks is a company known for the installation and maintenance of enclosures in Chicago. Connect with us and get your space altered as per your needs.