It is clear that the basic function of an awning is to provide shade, an action that may seem simple but is actually more complex than it appears. Adequate sun protection can only be achieved by choosing the right system for each installation site. Contrasting studies have shown the advantages of the proper use of an awning. These include:

  • The radiation of solar thermal energy that reaches the interior of our home decreases by up to 80%.
  • We avoid the excessive consumption of air conditioners, providing significant energy and economic savings. If we think about it, this can mean a way of “self-amortization” of the awning in the medium or long term.
  • In addition to favoring our economy, the use of an awning is a completely ecological action since we reduce CO2 emissions by using air conditioning devices in a more rational way.
Awning Company Chicago

Awning Company Chicago

Functions of a Value-Added Awning

Our awnings are manufactured under the highest quality standards. Quality is present in the components and in each production phase, which is evident in the result. We manufacture sun protection solutions that, in addition to fulfilling their primary function, provide us with benefits that contribute to improving the comfort of your home and your own well-being.

Decoration and Design

Awnings have been increasingly integrated into the decoration of homes and commercial premises, and this has caused them to be more and more aesthetic and functional. In accordance with the latest trends and the wide range available, the design of our awnings allows us to offer ideal solutions. No matter what is the style of your home or store.


Besides being a decorative element, awnings provide comfort. We can better enjoy the garden, the terrace, the patio, or some space outside our store by installing an awning. With the comfort, an awning also helps to make all the home’s exterior spaces more secure and well protected.

Creation of New Spaces

The new systems that we have facilitated the possibility of gaining space outside the home. Creating new, welcoming, and attractive spaces. Technically well-protected spaces where you can create comfortable environments to enjoy authentic well-being.

At SignFreaks Awning company in Chicago, we manufacture different awning models with materials. If you are thinking of setting up an awning at home, do not hesitate and contact us to receive all the information.