The corporeal letters are in fashion. This solution for signage has become a trend because it offers countless customization possibilities for companies.

An unlimited palette of colors, materials for interior or exterior, with or without lighting, and an endless number of fonts open a range of options to create the best corporeal letters. However, all these alternatives can be somewhat overwhelming when choosing a design for your business premises.

Today, in our blog, we want to talk to you about the importance of choosing the right typeface for creating the corporeal letters of your business.

Corporeal Letters – The Keys To A Good Typography

The key to a successful typeface is readability. Readability is the ease with which a text can be read. Several aspects influence this quality: size, color, transparency, the support on which it has been printed and the shape of the letter.

The first thing to keep in mind is that not all fonts are suitable for all media. Some shapes read well on a screen but not so well on glass. In this sense, you must take into account if the background is opaque, if there are reflections from the sun or if there will be overlapping objects. Another important issue regarding typography is the length of the text, as well as the use of upper and lower case. The more baroque letters or with more loaded designs can be legible in a single word but should not be used for advertising messages, addresses, or telephones.

The objective of the corporeal letters is to attract the attention of pedestrians. If your labels are not legible, you will not get people to memorize them. You only have one chance to capture the attention and interest of the consumer as they walk past your business. To differentiate yourself from the competition it is important that the message is clear, forceful, and LEGIBLE. This is the only way to get your brand to be at the top of the consumer’s mind. By this expression, marketers refer to the brands or products that come to mind first when thinking about a specific sector or industry.

Consumers who have a clear and legible image of your business will think of it when they want to buy a product.

How To Choose The Right Body Letters

As we have already advanced, good corporeal letters must combine typography, color, background, and light.

Here are some guidelines for choosing the right body letters for your business.

  • Calculate the size of the letters based on the distance at which they are going to be placed.
  • Follow trends but do not get carried away by fads.
  • Choose a design that represents the spirit of your business. It all depends on your industry and your target audience.
  • Choose the material depending on whether the corporeal letters will go inside or outside.
  • Think about what type of lighting you are going to use and how the light will affect readability.
  • You can use different fonts for your campaigns but follow a defined style.
  • Choose your corporate colors for the logo and a matching palette for the rest of the messages.

If you have questions about choosing your corporeal letters, contact our signage experts at SignFreaks. We’ll help you choose the best typeface for your business.