The history and evolution of the illuminated signs for shops and points of sale are very long and start from the first neon sign born around the 1950s. The change in consumer habits and tastes has led to a strong technological evolution, with the aim of adapting requests which, although latent, now seem quite clear in the eyes of companies. Over the years and with the affirmation of the digital age, the most modern and engaging LED signs have therefore been reached. Let’s see the advantages of these latest generation devices.

Led Signs

The advantages of LED illuminated signs compared to classic traditional lighting sources are quite evident. Suffice it to say that now the lighting through LED technology is also used in the home, through spotlights and lamps that are now starting to fill homes worldwide. In addition, this light alternative is also used in the business environment where, as a rule, people tend to pay close attention to costs and innovative methods to promote their products and services. But why this so drastic and immediate transition to this new technology?

Led Illuminated Signs Or Neon Signs For Shops

When it comes to designing and manufacturing an illuminated sign for a shop or a commercial activity, it is important to start from the assumption that the goal should not only be to control utility costs, but rather to find a solution that succeeds really to catch the attention of passers-by. In this guide, we are going to understand why LED illuminated signs are now largely dominating the communication market to the detriment of other traditional systems.

Advantages Of LED Illuminated Signs

The LED lighting devices belong to the family of outdoor Ledwalls, i.e., advertising screens with a brightness level that is not comparable with other products belonging to the communication sector. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why it is of fundamental importance for activities to rely on LED signs and, in this short guide, we will analyze them one by one.

Energy Consumption

An advantage that can be found above all in the medium and long term is that relating to energy saving, by virtue of the fact that through a LED sign, it will be possible to save up to 90% compared to traditional lighting systems. This is no small advantage due to the need for companies to constantly keep the sign-in operation in order to exploit all its potential for involvement.


Although saving on utilities is a factor that should not be underestimated, it certainly cannot be compared to the main advantage that can be found through the use of these LED advertising devices, namely the very high brightness. Thanks to this lighting system, in fact, advertising signs will be able to release a brightness far superior to that produced by neon signs, even reaching peaks of 5000 nits. As can be easy to guess, the brightness produced by the screen will have strong positive repercussions on the ability to engage and capture the attention of passers-by.

Digital Communication

Lastly, we cannot fail to mention the unique ability of these devices to adapt perfectly to what is now the new trend in advertising, that is, to convey promotional messages dynamically. These products, in particular, are associated with real video signs, to suggest that through these devices, it will be possible to transmit not only images in sequence or various animations but also high-resolution videos in order to promote a specific product or simply improve the recognition and visibility of the brand.

For this reason, and for the unique possibility of managing and program the schedule of multimedia contents through a simple and convenient application, LED signs to represent the future of digital billboards with a high visual impact. Now, if you wish to have an illuminated sign made for your business using LED lights, contact our professionals at SignFreaks. SignFreaks is the best-known signage company in Chicago that offers manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of illuminated signs all around Chicago.