Neon sign Chicago is versatile. In the Neon signs, you can find a variety of materials such as Neon Flex and Neon Glass. Neon Flex is an innovative product that successfully replaces traditional glass neon lights. Its LED technology allows a  saving of more than 70%  compared to its conventional neon counterpart. In addition, being flexible, its installation is very simple that can create corners, curves, letters, logos and any other application where neon tubes were installed of glass.

Next, we are going to list the main advantages that the Neon Flex has over the neon glass tubes.


I start with this difference because I think it is the most important of all. A  glass neon sign can be three times more expensive than a Neon Flex sign.


The neon flex allows saving more than 70% of electrical energy, and it does not emit heat. Neon Flex maintains color stability over time, reducing overall maintenance and potential errors. The outer cover made of two layers of PVC improves the optical effect and consequently greater light efficiency. This means that it reduces maintenance and reduces chromatic errors.


When a neon tube breaks, it must be replaced entirely. This means that the tube cannot be repaired. It would have to be changed completely. The contamination is produced by mercury when the glass tube is broken, and recycling must be done in organizations approved for this purpose. Neon LEDs used in neon flex are much more difficult to break due to their flexible material, plastic. The cost of its repairs is much cheaper, and it is possible to repair them. The neon LED does not contain polluting elements


Another advantage of led neon is its life span, much longer than similar old luminaires. They have an estimated 30,000 hours of life.


The consumption of nen LED is reasonably lower than that of neon tubes.


Neon Flex is made with a double layer of PVC that improves protection against various unfavorable conditions such as vibrations, shocks and natural disasters.


Installation is very simple, so no special machinery or tool is necessary. So, the installation can be done by anyone. Neon’s are shipped or delivered with the methacrylate plastic protector so they won’t get scratched in the manufacturing process. When the neon is already located in the place where it will be installed, the plastic protector of the methacrylate must be removed so that the methacrylate is entirely transparent. Before that, it is not recommended to remove the protective plastic so that the methacrylate does not get scratched.

The connection to the current will have to be made once the neon has been installed using the cables that were left for this purpose. 2 meters of cable is left so that it can be installed anywhere


Its flexibility and resistance are sufficiently safe against possible damage. In addition to that, it is free of lead and mercury that affect nature. Its flexibility and resistance make it 100% safe against the fragility of traditional neon glass tubes.

Energy Efficiency

The crystal neon has an input voltage of 3KV to 18KV. Flex LED, on the other hand, has 12V / 24V. This is an average AC voltage range.


Made with super flexible materials, they allow you to create radii of up to 2 cm. The installation and moulding are very simple, creating corners, curves, letters, logos and any other application where the glass neon tubes stood out.

Easy Transport

The Flex neon signs are sent like any correspondence package, they only have wooden slats to protect the methacrylate, but the neon strips are not in danger of suffering any damage.


Free of lead and mercury, it does not affect the environment Having read all these differences, are you ready to order your neon flex sign? Contact us right now! We are Sign Freaks – the best-known Signage Company in Chicago.