No fashion disappears completely. It simply moves away from the public space to make way for new trends while waiting to re-emerge stronger and more transformed.

In this case, we refer to neon signs as fashion if it was a great trend in the 80s and 90s, which adorned the main streets of the most important cities until today it has not re-emerged as a great trend in the luminous signs that we can see in our streets.

Of course, a luminous sign is the best way to attract the attention of the outside and attract a greater number of visits inside the business. However, attractive lighting alone is not enough, a design is necessary, and this can only be done by true neon artisans, who can give it any desirable shape.

Neon Signs

Neon Signs

The Reinvention Of Neon Signs

Neon signs gave way to a much more minimalist lighting style since it has always been considered an electrical product with very high consumption and with a considerable environmental impact due to the pollution it produces.

This caused the neon artisan trade to go through a period in danger of extinction. However, this has changed in recent years thanks to new technologies, since there are more and more neon sign letters that we see both in the streets and in decorative elements at events.

Neon signs as a clean option for the environment have been able to position themselves as a powerful alternative at a time when innovative companies such as SignFreaks have reinvented their structure and composition to replace it with less polluting and more efficient materials.

Neon lighting can come from fluorescent tubes or from LED lighting. There is no doubt that the last option is the most successful both for our pockets and for the conservation of the environment.

In this way, we are witnessing a strong resurgence of neon signs as a highly attractive decorative element, whose lighting is much more efficient, more durable than what fluorescent tubes and higher quality can offer.

Flexible Decorative Element

The design of neon signs is accompanied by an acrylic plate that acts as a base to support the final structure. This product is best suited for both interior and exterior decoration.

Thus, we have been able to see how there has been a neon boom in the decoration of both indoor and outdoor events such as birthdays, baby showers, bachelorette parties, or weddings, where it has been used as a central or secondary decorative element for signaling different areas.

What has become clear is that neon has returned to stay for a long season, as it is the perfect element that fulfills two functions, illuminates and decorates, attracting all eyes and creating a carefree, youthful and fun atmosphere.

The Advantages Of Neon Signs

We have already talked about personalized neon signs for events as one of the most recurrent decorative elements. However, these signs are mostly used by businesses to illuminate their premises or as a way of advertising outdoors and stand out from the competition.

Here we tell you what some of the advantages of including a neon sign in your business are.

  • Personalization: Professionals in the manipulation of neon signs can make any type of design in an artisanal way, be it a word, a slogan, a phrase or a symbol. All you have to do is convey the idea you have in your head to them or go to them so that they can advise you or inspire you to choose the best design for each case and purpose.
  • Saving money: Since the lighting chosen for neon signs is LED, it is an option that is much more profitable and economical in the medium and long term. However, the most important advantage of LED lighting is that it is the more ecological option.
  • Greater visibility for businesses: When we go down the street, it is impossible not to notice large luminous signs since they are quite striking and create an attractive nostalgic atmosphere. If before we were concerned about illuminated signs for their environmental impact, today we can be calmer when we see one, as they are much more efficient.

In short, luminous neon signs in businesses can play a very important role since they are capable of reflecting the character of any company, its image, and making its brand known to a greater number of people.

Therefore, if we want our business to grow and be more popular, it is time to look for new and innovative alternatives to get published and stand out from all the others.

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