Sign Freaks| customVinyl and Cloth Canopies

Our Awnings are crafted for exceptional flexibility, reliability and elegance.

Awnings are multi-purposeful additions to any business. Awnings provide business owners ample advertising space, great for displaying business names, addresses, logos, and graphics. Providing a compact, yet convenient shelter from a variety of weather conditions, while also simultaneously promoting your brand, their versatility is unmatched.

SignFreaks is proud to offer our customers both cloth canvas and vinyl Awnings. We partner with Sunbrella fabrics to offer our clients canvas of the highest quality to ensure your investment is designed to last. We have a wide catalog of covering colors and patterns, guaranteed to find the perfect color for any business.Units can be completely tailored to suit each project's design needs, with the option to include custom lettering, graphics, or logos.

All Awnings are produced in-house, specifically for you and your business needs. Our products are manufactured utilizing products of the highest quality and crafted for exceptional flexibility, reliability and elegance.

Speciality Design

SignFreaks’ in-house designers collaborate with all clients to create uniquely designed signage that is vibrant, eye-catching and sure to attract customers to your store front. From color selection, logo digitalization, to completely custom made logos for your project, SignFreaks is a one-stop shop for your signage design needs.

Informed Choices

Signage is a serious investment for your business. At SignFreaks we want to make sure our customers know what to expect. As a part of our robust policy we send all of our awning clients a complimentary mock-up of their design modeled on their storefront to illustrate scale.

Permit Process

The process of securing needed permits has a bad reputation in the chicago-land area. Let us handle the bureaucratic headache and, hassel with our in-house Permit specialists and Permit preparation team! We will prepare and submit all the needed paperwork and fees so you can focus on what is important to you and your business.

Please note, we are not in the permit business. All permit pricing is directly related to the cost of preparing and securing permits.

The SignFreaks Difference

SignFreaks is dedicated to supplying our customers with high-quality, durable, dependable signage at any budget. We are always available to provide speedy customer service with respect and integrity to all.

All of our products are 100% custom designed for you and your business. Freaky fast custom signs!

Ready to Move Forward?

Call us today at (773)-889-7446 or email us at to discuss your signage needs and a consultation for our services.

Materials Available

 ● Sunbrella® Cloth canvas
 ● Vinyl

  We are a comprehensive signage company.

  ● Design
  ● Manufacture
  ● Install
  ● Permits
  ● Customer Care
  ● Repair and Maintenance

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