In the world of digital printing, there are countless types of printed vinyl that we can mention… but what is the ideal professional vinyl for a perfect job? In the SignFreaks blog, we tell you. With this list, we will clarify all the doubts that there were around the adhesive vinyl for all kinds of situations. We’ll also discuss where to apply it, leaving an advertising, informative or decorative finish on the surface we are looking for.

Do you want to discover which vinyls are most used by professionals in the sector? Read on and find out!

1.Acid vinyl for windows – Privacy and elegance for your crystals.

Indeed you have seen all these types of adhesive vinyl in abundance on business windows (mainly cafes or bars), with a simple design that can provide the elegance that this business needs and thus protect the privacy of a business to a certain extent. The sandblasted vinyl windows are ideal solutions to offer perfect privacy behind the glass where applicable. Since it is a polymeric vinyl acid effect with a translucent light gray textured surface, it stimulates the characteristic sand effect.

What are the advantages of acid vinyl for windows?

In our little explanation of this vinyl for windows, we will also leave you with the clear advantages that this type of vinyl offers for your windows.

  • Versatile. Acid vinyl is always applicable on glass for different functions, such as the indoor privacy application, in addition to being used to capture the company logo used as an advertising claim or simply in a more personal way, to provide privacy in bathroom areas such as mirrors, or home screens.
  • Translucent. It offers sheer visibility. That is, it allows light to pass through the vinyl but does not make it transparent. This means total privacy.

2.Micro-perforated vinyl for glass

Used for both shop windows or vehicle windows, micro-perforated vinyl for windows is a solution to consider among our list of vinyl for professionals. Where do we usually find this type of vinyl installation? Surely you have been able to see them in some business or advertising vehicles, especially vans which are labeled. They are the ideal solution if we need to facilitate the passage of light through the vinyl but show the design of the personalized vinyl on the outside.

What are the advantages of micro-perforated glass vinyl?

Among all the personalized vinyl that we have, this is the most used vinyl for professionals in the commercial sector on their vehicles and finding it in business windows. Advantages? They have quite a few; check them out:

  • Reduction of the entry of sunlight. Both inside the premises where it is applied and in vehicles, the micro-perforated vinyl reduces light entry by 20%.
  • Privacy. Thanks to the composition of this type of printed vinyl, it gives us the privacy of the space where we have applied it.
  • Approved vinyl. This type of vinyl is properly approved for Vehicle Technical Inspection for vehicle windows.
  • It offers long durability in perfect condition without leaving residue on the glass.

3.Cast vinyl for vehicles – Professional labeling with vinyl for vehicles.

We continue with the application of vinyl on vehicles, yet another case but with different properties to those of micro-perforated vinyl. It is cast vinyl for vehicles, especially for those with integral lettering

What are the advantages of cast vinyl?

Should I apply vinyl on my vehicle? We leave that decision to you, but if you bet on this vinyl for vehicles, I guarantee a personalized, high-quality vinyl with advantages that will surely attract attention. Take a look!:

  • Great adhesion capacity.
  • High-quality printing.
  • Approved for Vehicle Technical Inspection reviews.
  • Great visual impact.
  • Prepared for vehicles with integral labeling.

4.Cutting Vinyl – Claim the attention of customers with Fluorescent or reflective touches.

It is a type of vinyl that we have all seen in the shop windows of our city, cut vinyl, whatever the type, “oracal” cut vinyl, fluorescent cut vinyl or reflective cut vinyl, all of them get that touch. Perfect custom for interior or exterior decoration without needing a vinyl with a background, simply the cut design, a straightforward product, widely used by businesses to announce sales, important information, offers, advertising, or corporate names as decoration.

What advantages does cutting vinyl offer us?

Used for all informational and commercial applications, this cutting vinyl offers advantages to take into account since it is one of the most used for small decorations in shop windows. Do you want to know what they are? We leave you its advantages here:

  • Your bottomless design. In this vinyl, we go to the point, without background, just your design outlined and ready to install it on the glass you want.
  • Instalation and maintenance. An easy material to apply or remove from the surface it is. Thanks to the incorporation of a transfer paper on the cutting vinyl.
  • Special for indoor or outdoor signage. Be it your logo, image, or phrase, cutting vinyl is your solution, whether it be in outdoor or indoor areas.
  • Broad choice. To your liking, you can choose between Oracal Matt cut vinyl, Oracal Glossy cutting vinyl, Reflective cut vinyl or Fluorescent cut vinyl.

5.Transparent vinyl – The perfect shop window decoration.

One of the most used resources around visual of commercial or advertising information in shop windows is transparent vinyl. A custom vinyl that is applied correctly on a shop window and a striking design will attract the eyes of visitors curious about your business.

What are the advantages of transparent vinyl?

Transparent vinyl is an economical resource that will generate more interest in your products with purely advertising, decorative, or informative functions. Here are some small advantages to take into account when you choose transparent vinyl over the vinyl for windows most used by businesses for advertising:

  • Great visual communication element.
  • They create the difference. Your showcase will be the center of attention with decoration based on transparent vinyl.
  • They capture the attention of customers.
  • Easy to put on and take off.

6.White Adhesive Vinyl for walls – The classic wall sticker

Conceived especially for smooth walls, white, adhesive vinyl is postulated as one of the most classic materials for interior decoration of homes and businesses. Characterized by having a white back and being the most used wall sticker in decoration.

What advantages does white, adhesive vinyl for walls offer us?

Do you want to know the advantages offered by this material? Here is a short list of its advantages:

  • Resistant material.
  • Versatile. Although with specific applications on smooth walls, it is also possible to apply adhesive vinyl on other surfaces (posters, signage, stands, advertising, labels, etc.)
  • Simple maintenance.

7.Adhesive Vinyl for floors – Advertising, information just by looking at the ground.

Like its namesake for walls, adhesive vinyl for floors offers similar properties with small differences applied to floors. Since this vinyl for floors is prepared to withstand all kinds of adversities you may encounter. Examples? Easy, airports use special vinyl flooring for easy installation to inform their customers simply and visibly for everyone.

What advantages does adhesive vinyl for floors offer us?

Do not worry if you need to apply vinyl on the floor or have doubts about the material. Here we are going to leave you the advantages that this type of printed vinyl has.

  • Resistant material and easy to clean.
  • Resistant to high temperatures.
  • Non-slip vinyl.
  • Shock, scratch, or stain resistant

As you can see, we have been able to show long but briefly all the vinyl for professionals that you can use and order in your work—all of them, each with their characteristics, applications, and specific purposes. Choose yours! To get the vinyl that serves your purpose, contact us at SignFreaks.