Signage or the signs framed in the field of tourism have great potential that we should not miss. Either to communicate a message, to locate a business or to highlight an offer, signs have great importance. In all the above cases, they are an interesting tool to squeeze the most out of your signage.

Signage is the technique that embodies letters and numbers on a medium in order to communicate a message, be it the location of a business or the transmission of an offer. In general, there are two types of labelling: manual and digital.

Currently, digital is the most common since it is faster, cheaper, and standardized. However, manual lettering gives the message it communicates of a halo of craftsmanship, distinction, and relevance.

Signage in tourist area

Signage in tourist area

Normally, the signage must take into account aspects such as the type of letter, the spacing between them, the legibility, the colour, the ornamentation, the support, etc., to give the signage one or another personality, depending on the identity of the brand that sustains it, and, in this way, makes a notable difference with the rest of the brands with which it coexists.

For example, a traditional business that retains a sign with several decades behind it, it would be consistent with restoring it and also apply the same graphic style to the rest of the elements that surround it. It is a question of coherence with the line of business that it presents and which is intended to continue to maintain a distinguished personality from the rest.

Signage and Tourism

In the tourism sector, signage is basic and fundamental: it presents the product or service that, in its case, can be a hotel or a restaurant, and, in addition, makes it a memorable object if its design and production have been taken into account this objective, beyond the mere fact of informing.

But we also have to take into account the rest of the signs that we see on the streets of cities and towns that are tourist destinations, whether they are large cities or inland towns. These, although not explicitly addressed to the tourism sector, make up a visual image of the entire entity to which they belong, taking care of harmony and aesthetics as part of the cultural and architectural heritage, thus creating a solid and differentiated identity from the rest.

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