Improve the image of your establishment with our Custom Signs in Chicago

Personalization is one of the main trends. Signs and posters are tailored to the style of each business. It is not only about incorporating corporate colours, but also reflecting their philosophy and values. A personalized poster is the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition and enhance your corporate image. Custom designs are the highlight of business signs. The possibilities are almost endless. You can choose the font, colour, size, and text.

So now, if you are looking for ways to improve the image of your establishment and give it more visibility, bet on our Specialty signs. We are SignFreaks – the benchmark for custom signs in Chicago. Our Specialty signs often combine a variety of signage techniques, such as Routed Aluminum, Acrylic Push-through. Routed projects involve cutting the face of the sign in the shape of a logo, text, or illustration, exposing coloured acrylic beneath it, or the wall behind it. Overall, this gives the sign a very dimensional and bold look.

About SignFreaks

SignFreaks is a known signage company in Chicago. At SignFreaks we offer you original signs with high doses of creativity that you can select yourself according to the needs of your business. We carry out the entire process in direct and constant contact with the client, trying to adapt to their particular needs and guiding them at all times..

We know that signs are an essential element to give visibility and make any business stand out. In fact, these have a high impact on potential customers. Given our extensive experience in the installation and design of these advertising elements, we can advise you on the best options when designing your corporate letters. Our design team works hand in hand with you to bring you the custom sign that reflects the image and philosophy of a company.

The Advantages of Installing Custom Signs Are Many!

The use of custom signs offers many benefits to a brand or company as it is a very attractive means of visual communication.

  1. PROFESSIONALISM: Custom sign hanging at your storefront depicts the attention you pay to your brand.
  2. ORIGINAL: Having personalized signs for your establishment can help you communicate your corporate identity while making you unique. At SignFreaks, we help our customers customize their signs so they can have the originality that their brands incorporate.
  3. DURABLE: A custom sign speaks for itself, that is, the presence of its owner is not necessary. Therefore, it is possible to reach a wider audience with personalized signs which is not possible with a limited-time presentation.
  4. VARIETY OF CHOICES: Obviously, when you have the freedom to customize your sign, you have unlimited options to choose from. Picking the best design, packed with the best material and your preferred size, you can surely get the business sign that proves beneficial.

Cost of Custom Signs in Chicago

The cost of a custom sign depends primarily on its size, design, and the material used. The larger the sign – the higher its price, this is logical. But it is also worth noting that for particularly small products, a coefficient for complexity is charged. However, our specialization in all types of signs allows us to offer very competitive prices for companies and a high-quality service backed by our years of experience in the sector.

Do You Need Help with Your Custom Signs in Chicago?

At SignFreaks, we care about our clients and potential clients.  Thanks to the experience of being in the market for so many years, we can offer you complete advice, giving a budget tailored to the needs and situation of each client.

We understand that it can be a bit overwhelming to see so many options and possible combinations to make your facade stand out from other businesses. But don’t worry, the installation of signs and labels is not a complicated thing, as long as it is done by a team of professionals. We are going to offer you a personalized service, including a business visit in 24 hours from the request for information.  You can get in touch with us by dialling (773)-889-7446, or emailing us at

Contact us for any questions you want to ask us about custom signs in Chicago or any other product.