Our luminus light boxes have stupendous graphic impact, ideal for high traffic areas.

Light boxes illuminate your business name and graphics for high visual impact. Their internal lighting “back lits” an acrylic face, making your storefront visible and stand out from a distance. Resilient to withstand the inclement weather of chicago, you can trust your sign will shine bright, rain or shine. Light boxes give storefronts a refined, polished look, while reliable and professional to meet the demands of a busy business.


Typically, lightboxes consist of aluminum boxes with one or more digitally printed acrylic faces, backlit with internal LED lights. Light boxes can be installed on a wall or even mounted on a post.

Cloud boxes

Think outside of the box with our custom cloud boxes! Cloud boxes are uniquely shaped light boxes, that can be crafted into any shape. Most commonly, cloud boxes can be used to create three dimensional illuminated logos and graphics.