Our specialty signs are uniquely created and tailored to your storefront to give it a one of a kind look.

Occasionally, storefronts call for a more tailored approach than some more common signage. At SignFreaks we give these projects special consideration to ensure we give our clients a sign as unique as their Business.

Our Specialty signs often combine a variety of signage techniques, such as Routed Aluminum, Acrylic Push-through. Routed projects involves cutting the face of the sign in the shape of a logo, text, or illustration, exposing colored acrylic beneath it, or the wall behind it. Overall, this gives the sign a very dimensional and bold look. 

Carefully selected lighting and materials are paired with our signs. To create unique colors and effects, opaque and translucent vinyl graphs can also be applied to acrylic. Specialty paints can also be applied to achieve a shiny metallic appearance.

None of our specialty signs are like another. For a truly exceptional sign call us today to learn how we can make a reamarkle sign just for you.