Much is said about the use of uppercase LED letters. The trend of this technology is gigantic and is dominating the lighting market due to the very low consumption and quality of light superior to fluorescent and incandescent, which considerably improves the quality of life of those who are under this type of lighting.

As it could not be different, the sign and façade market,   which is plugged into technology and innovations, has also adopted the use of  LED letters to ensure that projects are extremely attractive and achieve excellent results, especially in attracting qualified customers. Based on this technological trend,  SignFreaks – a signage company in Chicago offers a range of LED signs in the form of channel letters and lightbox signs. In today’s post, you will understand everything about uppercase LED letters and their main advantages. Keep reading!

Channel Letters

Channel Letters

What is The Use of The Uppercase LED Letters?

Do you really know what goal the sign should achieve? Yes, it sounds like a strange question, but it should be answered as seriously as possible! You should view the sign as an effective weapon for acquiring customers, as many small and medium businesses do not consider its application and effectiveness. When it comes to customer acquisition marketing, many tools are available, and the sign is one of them — by the way, an inexpensive and permanent tool.

Before including it in the business, some questions must be answered:

  • What goal to achieve?
  • To which audience will it be directed?
  • Is the strategy tangible and feasible?
  • Is the investment possible?
  • Will it be a permanent or seasonal and promotional resource?

Therefore, it is important that you understand more about how the available technologies work. This will allow you to compare different solutions on the market to find the one best suited to your goals.

How Does it Work?

In general, the LEDs can be applied in stainless steel letters, galvanized letters, acrylic letters, luminous panels, and other applications. In letters, LEDs are used in two ways: Direct and indirect lighting. The  LED letters with direct illumination are those in which the faces are in evidence and on. Indirect lighting, on the other hand, projects light directly onto the surface where it is applied, whether it is a wall or a panel. Whichever you choose, both forms of application will always be very elegant and attractive. The difference is that each will convey a specific message — direct lighting is more aggressive and indirect lighting is more classic and formal.

What Goal Can You Achieve?

Many compositions can be elaborated and illuminated so that the visual effect and the objective are reached. The uppercase LED letters are indicated for the company that wants to be expressive or to demonstrate confidence and competence in its area to the prospects.

Because people are driven by the impulse and beauty of what they’re seeing, having an elegant capital letter can increase the chances of attracting them. The feature conveys authority and a security image as many large and reputable companies use it as well. Thus, when seeing its signs and facades, consumers will remember companies known in the market. The order is to plan and execute so that the entire project goes according to plan. So, do research and find out what are the best resources available for your business.

See some of the possibilities that your brand will have with its use:

  • Attract qualified customers;
  • To retain acquired customers;
  • Convey the desired message;
  • Increase the sales;
  • Increase profits.

What Are the Advantages?

There are many advantages of opting for uppercase LED letters, after all, they fulfill your goals, are elegant, versatile, and make an excellent impression. In addition, they ensure good durability to be used indoors and outdoors. Check out other advantages:

  • Beauty  – The uppercase letters with LED are extremely visible and widely used by companies that want to draw attention in a more striking and impactful way.
  • Space-saving  – LED housings are small in size and therefore do not take up much space. Therefore, they can be used for artistic and advertising purposes.
  • Energy efficiency – LED lighting is growing due to its low consumption and great efficiency. The feature provides great energy savings since all the energy of the LED is converted into light.
  • Greater durability  – The LED is durable and has a long service life. This condition easily dilutes the investment applied. While fluorescent lighting is expected to last between ten and fifteen thousand hours, LED lighting can last up to fifty thousand hours. With this, there is no need to worry about routine tube or lamp changes.
  • Improved communication  – In addition to being seen from a considerable distance, the uppercase letters with LEDs also demonstrate the company’s ability to want the best for its customer, transmitting a direct and clear message. They also confer authority and power of delivery in the industry.
  • Operation in cold temperatures  – Leds like cold temperatures, unlike fluorescent ones that need to use higher voltage to be turned on. For this reason, the LEDs increase their performance when the temperature drops, making them the ideal choice for refrigerated, cold, or freezer environments. Studies show that the effectiveness increases about 5% when the temperature is at -5º C, compared to use at 25º C.
  • Greater Control  – As LEDs are semiconductor devices, they are compatible with the use of controls. In this way, they can be integrated into systems that allow you to control both the balance and the intensity of tones, maintaining the accuracy of the rendered colors. This would be unthinkable with traditional light sources. In general, LEDs have the ability to decrease from 0.1% to 100%.

Should the Investment be High?

When we talk about visibility and quality, as in the case of letters with LED, we are talking about investments a little higher than the traditional ones. After all, it’s very difficult to associate sophistication and quality with a small investment. Given all the benefits mentioned, it is possible to say that the investment in capital letters with LED is worth it. When it comes to your business presentation, however, you should consider other factors, assessing which will bring you the most long-term benefits. So look for technologies that can pay for themselves — because they have lower energy costs — that help you attract more customers, and that improve brand recognition.

Is it Worth Using?

To find out about your company’s real needs, always count on the help of an expert in the field. That way it will be easier to make the whole project efficient. The conversation with the professional must be clear and objective so that he can find the best solution to apply. There are several types of LEDs, and each one has specific characteristics. If the value of LED lighting is much lower than what is normally found in the market, be wary. It is possible for professionals to use the resource and applications of led tapes. However, this will cause the durability and quality of your project to be inferior.

Professional lighting is aimed at the quality of the module used and also the desired result. After understanding a little more about capital letters with led, you will be able to conclude if it is ideal for your business. Consider all the advantages shown. Whether in terms of marketing, operations, or energy that your company will have over the years. And now, if you wish to order your uppercase LED letters sign for your company, talk to our signage professionals at SignFreaks. They can advise you best and get you your desired sign in no time. So, get in touch with SignFreaks – Signage Company in Chicago and get your desired sign made.