Custom Neon Sign – What Is Acm And How To Attract Customers With This Façade Style!

The commercial façade is one of the most potent visual communication elements of a company. Because it is able to attract customers and highlight a business in high competition. There is a style of Custom Neon Sign that has been sought after for being modern and elegant: the facades in ACM. But, after all, what is ACM?

Find out right now in this article. Also, check out how to increase the visibility of your business with this façade style!

What Is ACM?

ACM is an acronym for aluminium composite material. The facades in ACM are composed of two aluminium sheets connected by a layer of polyethene. The result is a product with the following advantages:

  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Low weight
  • Good durability
  • Easy handling and maintenance
  • Good thermal and acoustic performance
  • Flexible, being able to be used in elements with curves
  • High quality

ACM is very versatile and, therefore, can be applied to external and internal areas, such as roofs, balconies, pilasters, awnings, advertising panels, among others. The facades with ACM coating have a variety of colours and patterns, which can be combined and installed in composition with glass and steel. The Facades in ACM can also be composed of channel letters, searchlights and illuminated signs. But do you know how to make a façade to attract customers? Check it out below!

How To Have An Incredible Façade?

Understand The Behavior Of Your Target Audience

Before defining the look of your store, you must understand the behaviour of your potential customers. You can gather information through surveys and informal conversations. So, From the information collected, understand how they see your brand. The style of the façades must match the profile of the company. Use the information to define the colours, layout of the elements, and the facade’s design.

Be Creative, But Don’t Overdo It

To assemble a façade, you must be creative to stand out from the competition. But be careful not to overdo the details. Prefer to invest in a simple and direct look. Also, be aware of the market trends and dare in the colours, in the exhibition format and in the elements that can help to compose an attractive façade.

Fit The Façade With The Visual Identity Of Your Brand

In addition to being appropriate to the profile of customers, you must also respect the visual identity of your brand. What is the profile of your business? Do you have a dynamic, innovative, youthful style? Or is it elegant and conservative? The visual identity must be represented on the façade through colours, typography, images and shapes. It must be in line with the internal design, as it is an invitation for consumers to enter.

Check If The Location Allows The Dimensions Of A Façade In ACM

Use the characteristics of the property to define the type of façade that will be installed. But first, check if the location allows the dimensions of an ACM façade, such as signs, panels and others. You can take advantage of the property’s own structure to enhance your business. For example, if your company is located close to the historic centre, you can use these elements in an innovative way to attract consumers’ attention.

Talk To A Specialized Professional

You must have the help of a professional who specializes in facades. After all, you want your business façade to be attractive and follow market trends. Also, bear in mind that installing ACM signs on the façade is not an easy task. Lack of technical qualification for installing facades in ACM can generate misalignment of the parts. So, handle your ACM sign with care.

Now that you know what ACM is, how about building a façade with a flashy and modern look to attract more customers? Think about it, the first impression is what remains, and the façade is the gateway to your business.

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