Do you want to install an awning in your home? Not sure what type of awning to choose? During the summer months it is very difficult to find shady areas where you can rest, read a book or play with the little ones. Therefore, it is essential to have an awning that guarantees protection from the sun’s rays.

From SignFreaks – Awning company Chicago, we recommend you to install an awning in your garden or terrace so that you can enjoy a pleasant temperature without the sun bothering you.





The most suitable type of awning for your home will depend a lot on the area where it is to be installed, the size or the type of anchor. From SignFreaks, we will help you in this task so that you make the right choice.The drop-arm awnings are one of the most used solutions and traditional. This type of awning is ideal for terraces or gardens, especially if they are small. They are comfortable, practical and easy to use.

If you have a larger garden or terrace, we recommend the awnings with extendable arm. When the awning is extended, it is in tension providing a wide area of ​​shade. The canopy awnings are a type of with a rounded shape that serves to protect both windows and doors that are not excessively large. They are widely used not only in homes, but also in hospitality and retail businesses.

These are some types of awnings, but they are not the only ones. Today, there are many other models such as stor awnings, guided vertical awnings or veranda awnings. You can check out all these models in our portfolio section on by visiting our awnings page. If this summer you want to enjoy shady and cool areas, gain more privacy from the view of the curious and reduce the consumption of air conditioning, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professionals will provide you with personalized attention, advising you on your choice. Contact us!