Often our customers ask our technicians, what wind speed can a commercial window awning resist? Which awning can withstand the wind better? Or what are the best wind-resistant awnings? They are logical questions. Last December we read several news about the damage caused by the strong gusts of wind: the fall of trees, awnings, and rubbles. So, to answer all these questions, here we present you with a blog post. Read on and get all your queries answered! Generally, a retractable commercial window awning will withstand wind speeds of around 32km / h.

Most high-end awnings will have a tested and certified wind rating based on km / h on the Beaufort scale, but of course, no one is actually monitoring the wind speed in your commercial area to make a judgment about this. The general rule of thumb is that the larger the surface of the fabric, the stronger the wind is, and consequently more measures should be taken to protect the awning.

The difference between a retractable commercial window awning and a pergola is huge in terms of its resistance to the wind, and you should know that the wind is the biggest enemy of an awning, more than the rain in general. When we talk about a pergola, the forces are distributed much more evenly and that makes it last much longer. When you ask us about extendable canopies, and it is understood that the canopy is only for use on hot and hot sunny days to protect us from heat and UV rays, then all is well.

Commercial Window Awning

However, when large awnings are used in commercial premises where the awning may not be operated 24 hours a day, obvious problems can arise. The easiest way to deal with a self-supporting retractable commercial window awning and its vulnerability to wind is to always ensure that the awning has a wind sensor installed that will retract the awning completely in high air conditions.

Of course, this is only possible with an electric awning, but by the definition, a large retractable commercial window awning must be electrically operated. The wind speeds that most self-contained awnings are tested at are around 30 to 40 km per hour, but that assumes a constant wind and not an irregular wind which can be much more dangerous. The most widely used now are motion sensors, as they detect movement in the awning rather than wind speed, which can be irrelevant.

For larger hinged awnings or pergola systems, the tarpaulin cover remains fixed on all 4 sides, and because the structure on which the cloth is operated is supported by poles at the front, the speed resistance of the wind is much higher. These systems are ideal in more exposed locations or where a large deck needs to be covered, and a decent level of rain protection is also required, which won’t be a problem when there is suddenly a large amount of water on the deck.

In areas where there is a definite problem with exposure to winds much stronger vinyl fabrics are used in conjunction with reinforced arms operated within strong aluminium frame systems, and sometimes with built-in rain gutters. The fabric cover when extended is super strong and the frame is strong enough to withstand greater forces.

The wind is probably a bigger enemy of the traditional retractable awning than anything else and while you may wonder why you would be sitting outside in the wind anyway, there is usually a prevailing wind in every garden or terrace area, particularly near the shoreline or hilltop locations. Having a system with enhanced protection from at least one side will allow for much greater use in windy conditions, so the demand for systems for use in high winds is a common request now. Correctly specify the main canopy cover first and then you won’t worry when overly regular stormy conditions hit.

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Hope this post answers your questions. And if you need more information, contact SignFreaks professionals. At SignFreaks Awning company in Chicago, we manufacture different commercial window awning models with varied materials. If you are thinking of setting up an awning at your commercial premises, do not hesitate and contact us to receive all the information.