Although there are many different sorts of company signs available, each has its own set of benefits. One of the most significant and challenging tasks you’ll face as a business owner is choosing the correct storefront sign. You must select a sign that not only makes your business stand out but also expresses your brand, in addition to ensuring that you are complying with your town’s signage and zoning rules. Sign Freaks, one of the leading sign companies in Chicago, has over twenty years of experience in designing, producing, installing, and maintaining external signage. The following list goes over the various sorts of commercial business signage that are available for your specific needs.

Lightbox signs

The greatest deal a store can have is a durable and irresistible lightbox sign. These luminous storefront business signs resource that is becoming more and more popular by the day. The businesses that point to attracting customers make these lightbox signs their first choice because of their high visibility.


Awnings, which are commonly made of metal or canvas, are a great way to dress up an entryway. Storefront Awnings in Chicago has a striking appearance and provides functionality in addition to displaying your business. Awnings come in a variety of patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors, giving your business a unique look. They provide your business’s façade an elegant feel while still providing enough space for you to add other information to the sign, such as a phone number, website, or email address. Awnings also shield your consumers from the elements and safeguard your interior decor from sun fading. As one of the best Awning installers in Chicago, we must say that commercial awnings these days are becoming more and more popular.

Channel Letters

A three-dimensional typographic element with its own structure and illumination is known as the channel letters in Chicago. A channel letter, in plain terminology, is any letter, number, or other character that, when coupled with other similar characters, forms a sign presentation. Aluminum sheets and acrylic are used to create each letter. Channel letter signs are highly adaptable, with an extensive range of fonts, colors, and sizes to choose from.

Why Should You Use Storefront Signs?

Among the first rules of promoting your business when you need to get your foot in the door is that people must notice it and have faith in the brand (and the products or services it provides). So when it comes to recruiting new consumers, storefront business signs are crucial. Outdoor storefront signage draws attention and provides information in a clear and straightforward manner. Consider the globe of the twenty-first century. We live in a world where speed is a need. When a potential customer is in their automobile, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention and persuade them that your company can address a specific need or wants. Storefront signage can accomplish this, provided it adheres to a few simple guidelines.

The Bigger, The Better

For someone driving at a high rate of speed, the storefront business signs must be easily readable. To stand out from the crowd, it must be vibrant and employ color well. Quality, illumination, and (often) unique design all play a role in giving your firm a competitive edge – and attracting customers. Many business areas include a diverse range of operations that provide similar services. According to the standard marketing mix, pricing and promotion, two of the significant purchase drivers, may change. However, the customer frequently has to walk through the door to assess those components of the offering.

Supplies Valuable Information on Products

Consider the fictional company ‘Don’s Bait & Tackle.’ The potential buyer has learned everything they need to know from storefront signage which only includes the brand and a descriptor. Other storefront advertising displaying special discounts and pricing, such as ‘It’s Tackling Monday – All Lures 40% Off!’, can, of course, augment this information. But, on the other hand, the primary store signage must draw motorists traveling at 55 mph to the retail outlet for them to fulfill a demand.

Why Should You Use SignFreaks?

We have decades of experience designing, creating, installing, and maintaining a wide variety of business signs at Sign Freaks. Our sign company in Chicago’s award-winning designers collaborate closely with each of our customers to produce one-of-a-kind, professional, and appealing signage that we then manufacture in our  20,000-square-foot facility in Chicago. In addition, our certified team will install your signage, and our friendly technicians are always on hand to do any essential maintenance.

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