Benefits Of Flexible Neon Versus LED Strip

Flex LED NEON - Window Sign

Neon signs are cool and today, these are made using flexible neon and LED strips. But do you know which lighting source of neon signs is more beneficial? If not, learn it here in this blog today.

Flexible Neon

Flexible neon has a high uniformity of luminescence along the entire length of the tubes. It is provided by a dense arrangement of LEDs – up to 108 pcs. per meter. They also give a high brightness of the glow. Equally important is the angle of light scattering, which is 360 ° in round tubes and 180 ° in rectangular tubes. Another plus of neon is its good flexibility. The smallest bend radius is 4 mm, which allows you to create signs and letters of any shape. Flexible neon can be cut into pieces of any size. There are 3 types of connectors for connection: T-shaped, X-shaped, and L-shaped.

Other Pluses of Flexible Neon Include:

  • A large selection of colors;
  • High rate of the protective layer (can be used outdoors, in rooms with high humidity);
  • Low power consumption;
  • Safety (lack of glass and small parts, does not heat up, does not cause a fire).

Neon Sign – Flexible Neon Or LED Strip

Considering the question of which is better – flexible neon or LED strip, one cannot definitely make a choice in favor of one of them, since these are different lighting devices that have a number of opposite characteristics that determine their purpose.

An LED strip is a single flexible printed circuit board on which LEDs are spaced at regular intervals. The tape is usually coiled into rolls in multiples of 5 m. Flexible neon is similar in structure to LED strip, when it comes to LED neon, a more modern version of it. There is also electroluminescent neon, which is represented by a thin wire. It is treated with a phosphor and filled with polymer.

Pros Of Neon In Front Of LED Strip

The main advantage of flexible neon over LED strips is the uniformity of the glow. It is due to the fact that the polymer with which the LEDs are flooded slightly obscures the glow of the LEDs and makes them less dazzling.

In the case of an LED strip, an even glow can be achieved only by using an aluminum profile with a matte screen. But even in this case, it is not possible to make the glow as uniform as in the case of flexible neon. Also, due to the brightness of the LED strip, it has to be hidden further from smooth surfaces, which reflect their light and have a blinding effect.

The Advantages of Flexible Neon Over LED Strip are The Following:

  • Rational design that reduces light attenuation and reduces heat generation;
  • Wider application possibilities;
  • Does not require tightness, since it is already protected from moisture and dust;
  • Allows cuts anywhere, while with an LED strip this is possible only in specially marked places;
  • The ability to connect in a serial and parallel way.

For flexible neon, only the cutting site needs to be sealed. For this, special glue and an insulating tube are used. It is equally important that in order to achieve the brightness of neon, it is necessary to install several LED strips next to it. In such a situation, one of the advantages of LED strips is completely negated – low cost. It is also noted that flexible neon does not lose its properties for a very long time, in contrast to LED strip diodes, which undergo degradation over time. It leads to a decrease in the brightness of the glow. When choosing between flexible neon or LED, it is important to keep in mind that the tape can only be bent in one direction. For this reason, it is used mainly in the interior. A flexible cord bends better, so you can create elements with more complex geometries from it.


Neon is most often used for advertising purposes, including because of its resistance to low temperatures. The neon sign shows itself well in signage and landscaping. With it, a beautiful illumination is obtained. The flexible neon sign is more mobile, therefore it is used in auto-tuning and even in clothing design. The LED strip is traditionally used indoors to organize hidden lighting of the ceiling, floor, niches, and other structures. Having read it all, now if you wish to get a custom sign made for yourself, contact SignFreaks. We make neon signs using both flexible neon and LED strips. Pick your choice and get your sign made from a professional signage company in Chicago at an affordable price.

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