If you are bored with gray everyday life, and everything around you contributes to a depressive mood, hang up a neon sign. It will not only add bright colors to life but also give the interior an unexpected appearance.

Neon signs are back in vogue, but now they are associated with more than American motels, roadside restaurants, and eighties style. It is one of the most stylish elements of modern design. In many ways, such luminous installations owe their increased popularity to bloggers. They can be seen in the interiors of the living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms of Instagram stars. Such signs are not only beautiful and bright – they give the space the right mood and individualize it. And with the help of neon tubes, you can create compositions of almost unlimited length and complexity. With proper care, they will delight you for 10-15 years.

Decide On a Neon Sign Design

A neon sign is a striking decorative element that inevitably attracts attention. Therefore, you should choose the design with a careful approach. Most often, such lamps are made in the form of schematic images or inscriptions. At the same time, the meaning, font, and color of the text are selected depending on your tastes and the interior of the space for which the sign is intended. It can contain a favorite quote, life motto, provocative statement, or a warm message to family members. Ready-made words and drawings are sold in many construction supermarkets, and in specialized studios such as SignFreaks – a signage company in Chicago – orders for the production of symbols and images according to individual sketches are accepted. In addition, if you wish, you can buy a neon cord and make a sign yourself. Detailed instructions for making them are available on the Internet.

Choose a Suitable Location

Think in advance about the place for the glowing decor. One of its key advantages is noiselessness. Neon signs do not blink and do not emit annoying “crackling”, which is important when creating home comfort and a relaxing atmosphere. The low operating temperature enables them to stay almost everywhere without fear of fire. A correctly selected neon installation will harmoniously fit into any interior. For example, calm lettering and laconic drawings with a soft warm glow are better for bedrooms, while inspirational and motivating phrases will be more appropriate in the hallway or living room – they will become an alternative to traditional paintings, tapestries, and framed photographs. In addition, if the sign’s power supply is best for outdoor use, You should hang it in the bathroom or use it to decorate other areas with high humidity.

Workplace Neon Signs

Depending on your needs, it is easy to create a work, romantic, dreamy, or festive mood with the help of multi-colored neon panels. Even the smallest sign can completely change the perception of the interior. For example, a neat white heart above the bed will not only transform the bedroom but also replace the classic headboard. The dining area is best for a neon cup of coffee, a cocktail, or an appetizing slice of pizza. The bathroom will look best with blue wave style and white seagull, and the hallway with the words “Welcome”. Another interesting solution is to decorate your dressing table or reading nook with neon… So you will have a stylish photo zone for creating high-quality images without special lighting equipment. The most important thing is not to overdo it with the number of glowing decorations. It is enough to arrange only one zone.

Additional light source

By the way, a neon sign can become not only an interesting decorative detail but also an additional light source. For example, it will perfectly replace the usual sconces in the bedroom. Moreover, such installations allow you to create an intimate atmosphere in a specific area, highlight furniture, and decorate mirrors. In addition, they are suitable for projecting lighting effects and patterns for floors or ceilings. If you plan to install a sign in the nursery and thinking about the fragility of the structure. You can supplement it with a protective transparent cover. The latter is also useful if a neon sign set in the kitchen or bathroom. Most often, such decorative lamps work from a regular household 220-volt network, less often from batteries. So that the outlet does not distract attention and does not disturb the interior of the room, the designers recommend hiding it behind a wardrobe or the back of a sofa.

Mix Colors Gently

When using a neon sign, it is important to combine colors correctly, otherwise, the space will become too colorful and oversaturated. Neon lights suit directly on the wall or on a special acrylic backing that masks the wiring. A neutral dark background is the most suitable for placing neon installations. Firstly, the luminous drawings and inscriptions on it, even in the daytime, look contrasting and advantageous. Secondly, the wire will be less visible. Feel free to try other combinations for neon signs as well. So, to decorate a white wall, a transparent neon sign is perfact. It will not disturb the harmony of the interior. It will create an “atmosphere” only in the evening when it is on. And most importantly, this simple technique will add a pleasant and unobtrusive accent to the space of your home.

Maintain Visual Balance of Neon Signs

Neon signs are suitable for most interiors: they organically fit into vintage living rooms with pastel-colored furniture and cozy fluffy rugs, as well as in children’s rooms, decorated in a loft-style and pop art. Unlike LED strips and traditional incandescent lamps, neon-filled tubes create a pleasant soft glow that “dissolves” in the interior and creates a relaxing atmosphere. But even when using them, it can disrupt the visual balance. If there are disproportionately many bright details, it will be psychologically uncomfortable to be in such a room. To decorate the interior and not overload it with unnecessary decor, just one small neon structure is enough. Moreover, the smaller the room, the more compact the sign should be. SignFreaks designers recommend leaving furniture and finishing materials neutral.

Now if you too want to decorate your house with a custom neon sign, feel free to contact SignFreaks. Our expert signage designers will help you without any commitment.

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