The Signage Options For Your Company That Generate More Impact

Are you interested in knowing the signage options for your business that bring more impact? See the list below! Standing out from the competition and attracting the attention of customers is one of the objectives of any company. The actions that you can take to achieve the desired impact are many, but did you know that we remember 80% of what we see and only 10% of what we hear?

Lettering is one of your most important allies when you want your corporate identity and your messages to reach your target audience. For this reason, from our Signage Company in Chicago, we want to advise you on the different labelling options for your business.

Decorative Vinyl

Vinyl is a versatile material that can be applied on facades, shop windows, interiors, posters, signs, vehicles, exhibitors and billboards, among other places.

To choose the best types of vinyl for offices or shops, you must take into account three aspects: where you are going to place it, how long it will remain and what objective you are pursuing. Once you are clear about these factors, you can choose the best solution:

  • Adhesive vinyl –Perfect for separating spaces or for business exteriors such as clinics, as they offer privacy without losing light.
  • Cut vinyl – Its wide range of colours, high performance and excellent durability make it the best option for outdoor use.
  • Digitally printed vinyl –Ideal for reproducing high-quality images, both in small and large format.

Signs And Posters

The signs and posters are the cover letter for the clients. When designing and developing these pieces, it is essential to select the appropriate materials for each type of sign.

  • Pennants and banners –Your goal is to gain visibility from any angle.
  • Promotional items –Rigid supports in foam, PVC, aluminium and other materials are used in advertising campaigns, events, demonstrations and product presentations.
  • Illuminated signs –Lighting systems are chosen based on the type of sign. You can use coloured LEDs, backlighting for corporeal, front lightboxes or illumination of openwork texts.

Corporeal Letters

The corporeal letters can represent 3D text or logos. Common materials are stainless steel, aluminium, PVC, brass, DM, and others. To enhance its effect, front lighting or backlighting can be applied.

The great advantage of corporeal letters is that they can be installed both indoors and outdoors, preserving the aesthetics of the facade.

Vehicle Labeling

Vehicle wrapping is the cheapest and most effective way to run a mobile advertising campaign. The types of vinyl even allow simulating textures that surprise by their originality.

If you want the best advertising claim 24/7, the labelling of your fleet of vehicles works for you, bringing the image of your company to thousands of people. What are the signage solutions that your company needs? If you want professional advice, ask us. We are SignFreaks – your labelling company in Chicago.

design of vinyl for vehicle wrapping is key to the effectiveness of the message. In our Signage Company in Chicago, we advise you to use clear messages that are understood at a glance, accompanied by images that achieve a spectacular finish depending on the vehicle model.