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It is convenient to install awnings on all facades and windows both at home and in business, for better light and temperature management. Installing awnings help reduce air conditioning costs and contributes with a small gesture to the care of our environment. If you, too, wish to install awnings at your windows or storefronts, let us know. We are SignFreaks– the Best Awning Company In Chicago.

About SignFreaks

At SignFreaks, we deal in commercial and residential awnings. So whether you need an awning for your storefront, residential window awnings, residential door awnings, winter enclosures, or vestibules, you get these all in one place. Another perk of getting awnings from SignFreaks is that you receive avid assistance as we don’t only offer the comprehensive service that consists of the sale of the product and its installation, but also covers other stages. Stages that include an initial consultation with the client, measurement, and the preliminary analysis of the site where awning needs to be installed, tailor-made and personalized manufacturing according to the tastes and needs of the client and general technical service. We are a renowned best awning company in Chicago with 13 years of experience in the sector. We bring together the most requested styles on the market, presenting an immense variety based on the quality of materials and criteria of functionality and durability. We are attentive to design and aesthetics.

Why do we recommend installing custom awnings for business?

Marketing your business is essential to attract potential customers. This is why we advertise our business through multiple channels such as digital platforms, print media, and radio. But do you know the importance of the point of sale?

The image of your premises is of utmost importance to your business. Thus, a good marketing strategy at the point of sale attracts more customers and increases your business results.

The advantages of installing custom awnings are multiple:

  1. The first and foremost is a massive increase in your business. Having a custom awning installed at the storefront drives more business to your location.
  2. Installing a custom awning in your business gives you the opportunity to show a new look. It also allows you to change the look and feel of your store with a personalized look that ultimately attracts customers.
  3. Besides being a differentiating element of your establishment, custom awnings are also a way to expand your space. They also provide shade and shelter for both customers and employees.
  4. It is also a way to make the investment in the business profitable since, as we mentioned previously, it can be a good way to manage the temperature of the interior of the premises, in addition to managing or regulating the luminosity that we want to have in our establishment.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the image of a business, although many times, the facades are neglected, and you must bear in mind that it is the first thing that a client sees before entering.

We recommend installing awnings for commercial premises that will differentiate your business from those around you. Also bear in mind that you must stand out from the competition to attract attention at first sight.

We have fully customized commercial awnings!

Choose the awning that is correct for your facade, and we help you get one. You can choose between flat awnings with inclination such as the cover or straight point awning systems and extendable or articulated arm awnings, or choose canvas canopies or hoods in different ways. We also offer different materials, including the Sunbrell Canvas, cloth awnings,and Vinyl Awnings.

Choose a color suitable for the business that can represent your brand, and above all, that stands out on the facade and is different from the surrounding premises. You can either opt for plain or textured colors that are in trend now.Another option is to put the whole awning in the same color or make a contrast with the development of canvas in one color and the pendant or skirt in another.

You should always leave a mark!

You can put the signature or corporate image of your business, some small text about your products or services that you want to highlight, or that can differentiate you from the competition or a simple but striking detail or drawing on your custom storefront awnings. We do it all and take care of canvas labeling. You can use your imagination or ask us for advice. Have a look at some of our work here!

And remember

If you have a business, workshop or commercial awnings will be the best bet to ensure that your customers are protected, in addition to giving a different touch to your business.

At SignFreaks, we have all kinds of awning styles that can satisfy your needs. We are also partners with Sunbrella fabrics that help us bring the best quality for our clients.  All Awning signs that we install are produced in-house, keeping in view every customer’s custom needs.

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