Attract more visitors with Channel letters in Chicago

Channel letters enhance the corporate image of a company or business. These are essentially the large individual letters that are commonly placed at the storefront as signage for businesses and retail centers. The use of channel letters add seriousness and elegance to a brand while attracting more visitors to your location. This is the reason we use more channel letters at the storefront than any other type of sign. If you, too, wish to get channel letters for your brand, contact us. We are SignFreaks, the best-known company for channel letters in Chicago.

About SignFreaks

We are a Signage company known for channel letters in Chicago. At SignFreaks, we manufacture interior and exterior channel letters built in different combinations of materials and finishes. Channel letters give you many options to choose from. They can be created with LED lights, neon tubes, or without any illumination. We customize the channel letters to fit the sophistication and uniqueness, our clients are looking for.

Keeping in view your custom requirements of every project, we craft channel letter signs that not only make you known, but enhance your reputation as well. So, what are you waiting for? Give volume and relief to your image by making your logo or name in channel letters. It is the most elegant solution to promote your company. Both with lighting (for example, with LED’s) and without it you will stand out without a doubt with our service of channel letters.


Types of channel Letters that we deal in!

There are two main types of channel lettering: the “cut” ones that are made from solid material and the “hollow” ones that are made by creating boxes in the shape of the letters by welding sheet metal from materials such as aluminum or steel. The latter can be lit by inserting LED’s inside or without lighting.

With these types, there are hundreds of possible combinations to choose from, with different sources, materials, styles, sizes, and colors, and can be fully customized according to the corporate image of each company. Here at SignFreaks, we mainly deal with 4 types of Channel Letters including :

  1. Standard Front Lit Channel Letters : These are our best selling products. The standard front lit channel letters are made using aluminum and are illuminated internally through neon lights or LED’s. This makes the face of each letter light up.
  2. Halo Lit Channel Letters : Halo lit channel letters are usually known as reverse channel lit letters. These letters are made with aluminum and to create the halo effect, the letters are lifted off the wall or raceway. Then the LED’s or neon lights are inserted inside them to make them shine inside or outside.
  3. Open Face Channel Letters : As the name suggests, the open face channel letters are open from the face side so that the neon lights installed inside can be seen. The face and sides are made with aluminum and the lighting option is limited to neon lights.
  4. Front and Back lit Channel Letters : Front and Back lit channel letters are the combination of standard front lit channel letters and the halo lit Here again, the sides of the letters are made with aluminum, however, the faces are poly carbonate and the back is left open to reflect light off the wall. These are super fancy signs that pull visitors’ attention.

We make them all. With these types, we offer varied mounting options to display your unique signs. You can either choose:

  1. Direct Mounting : Direct mounting option is recommended when the appearance of letters is your top priority. In this case, the letters are attached directly to the building facade using a pattern with non-corrosive fastener and the wiring is housed behind the bulkhead wall or facade. It is also known as flush or Sand off mounting.
  2. Backer Mounting : In the Backer Mount option, the letters are installed on the metal cabinet or backer panel that is typically larger in height and width than the channel letter configuration. And all the wiring is either housed inside this cabinet or behind the bulkhead wall or facade.
  3. Raceway Mounting : Raceway mounting is similar to backer mounting. Here again, the channel letters are installed on a box made of metal and the wiring is housed inside it.

The advantages of installing channel letters are many!

The channel lettering offers multiple benefits to a brand or company as it is a very attractive means of visual communication.

  1. PROFESSIONALISM : Channel letters are a very elegant lettering solution, which conveys the feeling that a company takes great care of its brand image.
  2. VARIETY OF LIGHTING EFFECTS : The use of channel letters allows you to have a variety of light effects into your sign. You can use the halo effect that shines from inside, single-sided light or, multi-sided, etc.
  3. VERSATILITY IN PLACEMENT : Unlike other types of signs, the channel letters can be installed in different locations, both interior, and exterior.
  4. MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT : By presenting a smaller surface area than a panel, the illuminated signage letters require less energy to illuminate, and even less if the lighting system is LED.
  5. DURABILITY AND LOW MAINTENANCE : The materials with which the channel letters are made as well as the shape of the collars, make them require very little maintenance, and these last for years. This makes channel letters one of the best investments in a business.


Channel letter signs cost

Our specialization in all types of sign channel letters allows us to offer very competitive prices for companies and a high quality service backed by our years of experience in the sector.

These letters are an important element for the recognition of your business, especially at the local level. For this reason, you should try to ensure that they are letters that convey what you want from your company and that they are of a high quality so that the image you project to your clients is positive. In that, we help you with our advice and experience.

Contact us for getting sign channel letters in Chicago

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