Lightbox Signs Chicago

Durable and irresistible, the lightbox signs are imperative for every storefront. These are known as luminous advertising resources that day by day become more popular among businesses due to their high visibility and ability to attract customers. If you too wish to install lightbox signboards at your premises, contact us. We are SignFreaks – a lightbox Sign Chicago company.

About SignFreaks

We are a Chicago lightbox sign company, therefore, we carry out the complete process so that you have the best lighted sign in the entire city. We design and manufacture the sign ourselves. Whether you want a bright sign for business premises, office, warehouse, or any other location, we are the right company for you.

Each of our design is different since we understand and study each client in a personalized way. We offer quality, professional design, and high visibility guaranteed with each job we do.

The durability with which we make all of our illuminated lightbox signs is also important to us. For every project, we study the location of the sign and based on it, we come up with the lightbox signs that best suits your needs.

Lightbox Signs in Chicago: Fluorescent tubes or LEDs

The Lightbox signs in Chicago have two types of lighting: by fluorescent tubes or by LED lighting. The latter is the most economical option in the medium-long term while being eco-friendly. However, in both cases, we have multiple options available for lightbox sign faces such as flat acrylic, pan style and embossed. And to decorate the sign, we use different styles like cut translucent vinyl, digital print, or painted finishes on embossed faces.

For some time now, it is recommended to use LED light box signs not only because they are highly efficient and can generate great savings (say about 30%), but also for the reason that they offer a better quality of light and are more environmentally friendly.

The advantages of installing lightbox signs are many!

Lightbox signs are quintessential labeling products. Here are some advantages of having these for your business:

1. HIGHLIGHTS: Currently it takes more than a good idea to stand out from the competition. Note that a lightbox sign can make people turn to your premises and if it is just what they are looking for, they will stop to enter. If they don’t, they will have you in their mind whenever they need your product or service.

2. ORIGINAL: Today’s consumers prefer to buy in places that are trending rather than in common places, a lightbox with the name of your store and the logo will surely position you as an original business. At SignFreaks, we help our customers customize their lightbox signs so they can have the originality that their brands incorporate.

3. VISIBLE: With lightbox signs, you not only have a banner ad, but also a greater visibility all around the clock. This improved visibility during the day and night attracts more customer to your location.

4. LONG LASTING: One of the most important advantages is the durability of your lightbox signs. Most of the lightbox signboards are made using LED lights, the operating life expectancy of which is up to 50,000 hours.

5. ECOLOGICAL: If you go for LED lightbox signs, these are eco-friendly as LED lights are recyclable and these do not contain toxic materials. With that, these do not consume much electricity.

Decoration of storefronts with lightbox signs Chicago

A good impression, at first sight, is important, for this we recommend the installation of lightbox signs. So that everyone notices your business at a glance.

We assure you that as the saying goes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words, a beautiful image of your business will have more influence on people. A well-lit and well-designed sign outside the premises will represent your brand to visitors passing by.

Along with providing designs for lightbox signs outdoor, we provide LED services for inside décor of your store as well. To improve the aura or your location, we install LEDs around windows, interior walls, and other places that you ask for.

Contact us for lightbox signs outdoor and indoor

If you wish to have lightbox signs for your business, contact us today. At SignFreaks, – the lightbox sign company in Chicago, we offer our customers the best of our services with a personalized approach. You can contact us by dialing (773)-889-7446 or emailing us at We would love to provide you our professional advice and a free quote for lightbox signs in Chicago.